Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mulberry Purse


 Inside view #1

 Compartment #1

 Compartment #2

 Compartment #3

 Full view #2


Purple (SOLD)

Black (Ostrich Design) (SOLD)
 Dark Brown (Ostrich Design) (SOLD)


Parrot & Feathers Necklace

RM 25
Now RM 22

Enamel Ring

 Dark Blue, White, Black

Back view (adjustable ring)

RM 12 (SOLD)

Croco Bag

 Black (SOLD)

 Brown (SOLD)

 Off White (SOLD)


 Chocolate (SOLD)

 Light Slate Grey (SOLD)

Comes with 1 long strap

RM 45
Now RM 40

Studded Straw Bag


 White (SOLD)


 Brown (SOLD)

Salmon Pink (SOLD)

Close up look on the design

PVC material
Comes with 1 long strap

RM 35
Now RM 31

Messenger Bag

 White (SOLD)


 Red (SOLD)

Brown (SOLD)

Soft leather
Adjustable strap

RM 60
Now RM 53

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Clearance Sales: Part one

Gold Chain Bag; RM 35

  pink (SOLD)

brown (SOLD)


Wrist Bag #2; RM 40




Clutch Bag; RM 40



beige (SOLD)


Longchamp:  La Pliage Small; RM 20

red (SOLD)

purple (SOLD)

magenta (SOLD)

Longchamp:  La Pliage Medium; RM 25

lime green (SOLD)

Sling Bag; RM 35

blue (SOLD)

Chain Square Bag; RM 40



Straw Sling Bag; RM 50

dark brown base (SOLD)

Coming soon: Clearance Sales & Fifth Batch

Hello lovelies,

 Firstly, we apologize for the long hiatus, been pretty busy lately. But fret not, we're here to inform you that twentysixthree is gonna have its first clearance sales and at the same time we're gonna update you with new items (fifth batch). Is gonna be double the fun for everyone!! So stay tune for the next update yea. 

Have a great day and happy shopping.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Mini July Updates

Hello lovelies,

I've updated new items on twentysixthree.
And for the envelope bag, I've restock in candy pink and black. Click here.
Happy shopping and have a great month ahead. 


Charm It #2

 White & Silver

Black & Gold (SOLD)

Black & Silver

RM 34

Stone Bracelet

Design #1 Black

Design #2 Brown (SOLD)

Design #3 Colorful (SOLD)

RM 34